Creating Synergy between all Marketing activities through Differentiation

Creating Synergy between all Marketing activities through Differentiation

This process begins with a review of the company's position in the marketplace relative to the competition and the services the company provides to its different target markets. The review also looks at trends for the future business environment in terms of customer preferences, technological developments and changes to the environment, competitiveness and cultures.

Following the review, a new assessment is made of the company's relative advantages in terms of the target markets and services provided. Based on that assessment, further investigation looks at the various ways to create differentiation for the company's activities and provide customers with added value, relative to the competition.

At the end of the characterization process, there is a re-evaluation of the Company's relative advantages, which serves as the basis for the formulation of the marketing strategy that will effectively create a Unique Value Proposition for the target market. 

Marketing activities we offer:

360Strategy creates added value for organizations, which includes synergy between the various marketing activities: 

  • Branding
    Which creates differentiation and a unique value proposition for the customer
  • Digital Online Marketing
    - Characterization of sites, their establishment and adaptation to serve different markets.
    - Assimilation of SEO tools.
    - Internet promotion of services to specific, defined target audiences.
    - The use of social networks to establish a presence and promote services.
    - Characterization and establishment of landing pages, with focused content and a specific target audience.
    - Assimilation of key performance indicator tools on all marketing platforms.
    - Campaign management: PPC, Ad Words, social media.
  • Determination of pricing / product / service / customer management policies.
    Planning company positoning and policy vs. each segment and targt market, evaluation of the 80/20 activities
    and customer preservation startegy. 
  • The creation of strategic partnerships.
    Create a competitive advantage and strategic assets through alliances with strategic partnerships.

  • Outsourcing
    Outsourcing and management of marketing activities required for the acceleration and implementation of processes.

  • Direct Marketing.
    Identify the right activities to perform in synergy with the online and the company positioning and business targets, such as: Seminars, Exhibitions, Customers preservations activities events and others.

  • Training.