Our Approach

The 360Strategy Approach to Business Establishment and Growth:

Dealing with the Range of Issues Influencing the Organization's Business Stability and Growth
This process is initiated and lead by 360Strategy in full cooperation with the client. The process is transparent, structured and includes an in depth analysis of the various levels in the external and internal factors linked to the organization's activities. The entire process is conducted using models based on the work processes used by international consulting companies and the Wharton School of Business's Global Strategy Management Program. This process culminates with 360Strategy providing the tools developed in house for the implementation of the necessary steps.

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Stage 1 - Mapping & Planning
The first stage in the process includes mapping of opportunities, definition of the business problem and the planning of the strategy required in view of the organization's needs, capabilities, constraints and aims. 360Strategy reaches the strategic conclusions required for marketing and sales, the organization's structure and culture, operations and all the associated requirements inferred from those conclusions.

Stage 2 - Implementation
This stage includes the execution and implementation of the plans for marketing and business development, the changes and adaptations in the organization's culture and structure and the implementation of all other steps to be taken as part of the strategic solution that defines the organization's vision and targets.

Stage 3 - Results
At this stage, we offer the client a clear, structured work program in accordance with the company's long term business goals. The program takes into account all the constraints and needs encountered by each unit in the organization and the synergy between them. This is the process that leads to firm establishment and long term business growth.