• Teva

    "Nativ's contribution to the consulting process was valuable due to the facts that he wisely managed to communicate our expectations to the teams, offered the right advice, and created a strong platform of cooperation. He managed to understand our needs and to evaluate them through the research process until the final recommendations stage, and offered an individual point of view on mapping the process and harnessed the teams in this direction. "

    Dror Bashan,
    Senior Director - Asia Pacific
    Teva Pharmaceutical Ltd.

  • IAI

    Nativ's critical help was provided rapidly, highly professionally and within an impossibly short time. There is no doubt that we will be working with Nativ again in the future.

    Vadim Aloni,
    Marine Patrol Division Manager
    Israel Aerospace Industries

  • Essense Group

    I must thank Nativ and his team for the business support he provides. Your professionalism and the service oriented approach you instilled into the organization made a vital contribution to the achievement of our business, sales and marketing aims. I believe that your involvement in our projects was of immense strategic importance and I look forward to continuing working with you.

    Eitan Chalfon,
    Senior VP
    Essence Security Group

  • Tema

    Shavit has chaperoned the "TEMA Institute for Occupational Recruitment and Assessment" for more than a year with an astute, analytical eye during a process that created an atmosphere of learning, cooperation and improvement. Throughout that time, Shavit succeeded in leading the processes and changes requiring a strategic perspective, preliminary planning, attention to detail and sensitivity to both people and activities within the organization, without attempting to placate anyone - Shavit is direct and professional. During his work with us, Shavit succeeded in opening doors and created willing to think differently about basic processes about the vast organizations with great importance in the Israeli economy. Shavit instigated a thorough, pre-determined, consistent and continuous process, while creating and maintaining a calm atmosphere even during crises. His activities eventually resulted in the company achieving success in the form of pilots and economic agreements.

    Yours sincerely,
    Reuben Weiner,
    CEO at Tema - International Evaluation and Recruitment

  • Vernit

    Nativ provided Verint with assistance in the characterization, accompaniment and management of the company's strategic projects. Executing those tasks, Nativ was highly professional, caring and displayed a impressive ability to motivate teams towards achieving goals within very tight timetables. Throughout the process Nativ exhibited a deep understanding of Verint's long term goals and he formulated working and management methodologies for the organization, which were a constant source of support and he made a very significant contribution to the success of the project.

    Itzik Lasker,
    Strategic Engineering Projects Manager,
    Verint Systems Ltd.

  • Intertek

    On several occasions, Nativ has helped us map and identify business opportunities in the medical and security sectors in Israel and Europe. Consequently, we have been able to expand our volume of activities and achieve significant improvements in our business results in this segment.

    Jeff Baum,
    Regional Manager for Security Systems - USA and Europe

  • MyNetWork

    Nativ lead the business planning process for the MyNetwork Company. Nativ's contribution and assistance in advancing the project and the idea was expressed as his impressive ability to: Understand the material, research the market, assist in formulating the business strategy and the paths to take, identification of the appropriate segments, the preparation of an impressive business presentation for potential clients and the ability to open doors. All those talents were of great importance for the business development of the project and the product.

    Ami Ben,
    VP Business Development
    MyNetwork E-learning Solutions

  • Voltaire

    Nativ's ability to create the links between the business objectives and the organization's needs, while at the same time, formulating measuring work systems and his ability to reach agreements overcoming internal conflicts was critical to the success of the projects chaperoned by Nativ.

    Amir Pinchasovich
    Compliance & Projects Manager,
    Voltaire (Mellanox)

  • Technologies

    I found the strategic process led by 360Startegy has valubale and critical to the company future activities and business directions to take. In the end of the process we had clear and transparent view of the company mission statements and activities to implement. 

    Guy Keren, CEO

  • Technologies

    360Strategy assist Testing Partners LLC customers in few global compliance projects in North America, Asia and S. America.The service provided by 360Strategy was fast, accurate and professional. As a results, our customers reached their target marker faster and with cost reduction.

    Jeff, Testing Partners LLC, Founder & CEO

  • Ituran

    360Compliance managed Ituran USA PTCRB project from the preslae and the design phase. 
    The added value from working with 360 resultes in Sjorten Time to Market, Lowering Costs, Professional PTCRB & Carrriers project management. It was a pleasure working with 360Compliance from day one till the end of the project, 
    very professional and very responsive. 

    Meir Schwartz,
    Product Director, Ituran USA