360Strategy is a business consulting and management company that helps stabilize and initiates growth in its clients' businesses.

Activities include dealing with the entire range of issues influencing establishment and growth:

  • Strategic business planning and determination of the company's goals
  • Strategic marketing planning and the creation of differentiation
  • Strategic sales planning and the positioning of sales at the center of the organization's activities
  • Execution of the changes and adjustments required to ensure effective implementation of organizational strategies
  • Synchronization and synergy between all the different processes as required by the goals

The services provided by 360Strategy include:

  • Characterization, planning and implementation of business solutions
  • Outsourcing and management of marketing, sales, business development and organizational development required for the acceleration and implementation of processes
  • Branding, characterization and implementation of marketing processes
  • Training and guidance

The Added Value Provided by 360Strategy

360Strategy provides added value by planning and implementing, complex strategic processes that bridge the gaps between business planning and day to day implementation. 360Strategy has the ability to look at the broad picture and down into all the levels that influence an organization's activities: Operations, marketing and financing. 360Strategy understands how to search for alternatives and manage risk in the processes that achieve the organization's short and long term goals.

The Professional Team

360Strategy's team of experts includes professionals with outstanding experience in business consulting, marketing, sales and organizational development. Each of our experts has personal, in depth expertise in their specialty fields. Working together, the team creates added value for the client. Their combined expertise and networks of professional contacts create a synergy that energizes the entire process. 360Strategy was founded by Mr. Nativ Or - A graduate of the Wharton Business School (Global Strategic Management Program) at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Or has served as VP marketing, sales and strategic development for a number of hi-tech companies and he has many years of experience in technological development and business consulting for leading companies in Israel and abroad, such as: Teva, BreakPath, MediaMind, Technologies Group, Israel Aerospace Industries and more…

360Strategy has many strategic partners complement the activities in Israel and around the world in over 37 countries.